The Liberty Distillery Launches its Endeavour Gin!


The Liberty Distillery is delighted to announce Spring has sprung with the addition of Endeavour Gin to its Signature Line of handcrafted spirits!

Endeavour Gin made with our 100% organic BC triple-distilled wheat spirit is a versatile London Dry style gin. An elaborate blend of (12) traditional botanicals were carefully selected in their raw form for their oil content and consistency. Slowly infused during re-distillation using a botanical basket in our single copper pot still, Gin lovers (and those with a curious palate) will delight in its seamless, long, smooth, and lingering finish.

Endeavour is a compelling Gin with bright floral notes underpinned with savoury botanicals on a solid juniper base. On the palate, juniper is first detected, which is quickly followed by a subtle interplay of citrus and aromatic botanicals that are lightly brushed with hints of peppery paradise seed.

Extremely supple and easy to drink on its own at 45% alc./vol.; and when blended it creates intriguing cocktails to enjoy for any occasion.

Now serving, we invite you to visit and enjoy one of Liberty's many Signature Cocktails made with hand-crafted bitters and cordials in our tasting lounge. Available in 50ml, 375ml, 750ml and 1.75L

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