Cocktail Lounge

Join us for a Signature Cocktail in our Full Service Lounge.

Our enthusiastic and knowledgeable team invites you to step back in time at our 110 year old antique bar to sip one of Liberty’s classic or Signature Cocktails.

Our uniquely crafted drinks range from the familiar to the astounding, but always show the beauty of our artisanal spirits. Our cocktails have been carefully crafted using only the finest ingredients.

Cocktail service begins at 11:00am seven days a week
Ages 19 and over. Valid ID is required.

Happy Hour is Monday-Thursday from 3pm-6pm. Our authentic steam whistle sounds at 3pm sharp to let you know happy hour has begun!

Tours and Tastings

Tour Vancouver’s First Pure Craft Distillery.

The Liberty Distillery is based on relationships and we love to share the magic of distilling spirits. We are often asked the most interesting questions about how spirits are made and sometimes, we too learn something new from a visiting distiller.

Join us for an educational experience. We offer informative guided distillery tours and visits year round to demonstrate how spirits are made. Learn about the equipment and stills, the science and principles behind distillation, fermentation, the ‘cuts’; the difference between white and aged whiskey, nosing, and most importantly tasting!

Tastings are complimentary at the end of each Distillery Tour for guests aged 19 and over. Valid ID is required.

DISTILLERY TOURS: When not in production, visitors are welcomed onto the distillery floor where they can view our beautiful copper stills up close while our knowledgeable guides explain the processes involved in mashing, fermenting and distilling. Feel the milled grain run through your fingers, nose the various stages of the spirit and enjoy a complementary tasting at the conclusion of the tour.
Saturday-Sunday 11:30am & 1:30pm - $10.00 per person

RESERVATIONS: Tours are limited to 10 persons. Reservations are required one week in advance. If you arrive at the distillery without a reservation we will try to accommodate as space permits. Please arrive 15 mins in advance to check-in. Call us at 604-558-1998 for further inquiries.

Retail Showroom

Our Retail Showroom was Hand Crafted with the Same Care that goes into Every Bottle of Liberty Spirits.

Retail Hours

Mon-Sun: 11am-9pm
Holidays: 11am-9pm

Drop-in and visit us during our regular public hours at our retail sales and tasting room. No reservations are required. To inquire about using this space email us at

Keep Informed

Or keep up to date with our movements through
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Across the province, handcrafted vodka, gin and other specialty spirits are helping to quench British Columbians’ increasing thirst for more local products.

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The Porter’s Tonic Test with Liberty Endeavour Gin


For today’s review we’re mixing Porter’s Tonic Original recipe with the first batch of Endeavour Gin from Liberty Distillery on Granville Island, in Vancouver.

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The Liberty Distillery Launches its Endeavour Gin!


The Liberty Distillery is delighted to announce Spring has sprung with the addition of Endeavour Gin to its Signature Line of handcrafted spirits!

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Three Pacific Northwest Craft Distillery Hot Spots


It’s a good time to be thirsty in the Pacific Northwest. Craft distilleries, brewing small batches of spirits with locally grown ingredients, have opened all throughout the region.

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Liberty Signature Cocktails

The Whistle Punk

Refreshing yet fiery blend of fresh basil, lime, peppercorn and Thai chili.

Credit to Taylor Partel.

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The Shacker's Sour

Spiced cranberry syrup, lime and egg white. It's like the holidays in a glass.

Credit to Jason Laidlaw.

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